Mobilization to Challenge UN Food Systems Summit

Earlier this year, ARC circulated a Scientists’ Boycott the UN Food Systems Summit Letter, which has received ~240 signatures from scientists, researchers, and scholar-activists across the social and natural sciences (Spanish here). In solidarity with movements around the world, we challenge the summit’s exclusive governance approach and market-friendly orientation, which undercuts longstanding work by farmers, farm workers, and food workers worldwide to advance transitions to justice, food sovereignty, and agroecological sustainability.

We now call upon signers of this boycott letter to stand with members of the Civil Society Mechanism (CSM) who are calling for global mobilizations against the UN Food Systems Pre-Summit in July.

To be held in a hybrid format in Rome from 26 to 28 July, the Pre-Summit will be decisive for the final direction and outcomes of the summit. The liaison group of the autonomous people’s response to the UN Food Systems Summit for transforming corporate food systems therefore invites you to be part of a colorful mobilization in parallel and in the run up to the Pre-Summit.

You can learn more on the CSM website

On social media please use the hashtags: #FoodSystems and/or #FoodSystems4People.

If there are people in your organization who are dedicated to this and would like to get involved, please write to the CSM at and join their meeting to form a communication group. To find a date that suits most people, please fill in this Doodle until Tuesday 25 May.

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