About the Agroecology Research-Action Collective

Our Mission

We are a group of scholars working on issues of farm justice, food justice, food sovereignty, and agroecology in the North American context. As engaged scholars, we commit to working within and alongside the social movements of farmers, workers, organizers, and advocates who are transforming our food and political systems towards justice and ecological health. To become valuable contributors to these movements, we commit to organizing our scholarly community, with the aim to become evermore thoughtful, accountable, and effective partners in how we pursue knowledge production, and in how we share and mobilize this knowledge. Our plan is to leverage our institutional and personal resources to prioritize movement-relevant and partnership-based research, elevate the scientific validity and worth of knowledge created outside the academy, provide asked-for social movement support, and pursue advocacy to effect positive change.

Who We Are and What We Do

A history of the Agroecology Research-Action Collective

The Case for Engaged Scholarship

A new model is necessary for agroecological research.

How and On Whose Behalf We Work

Our Principles and Protocols